I am a Fine Art Photographer based out of the Central Valley of California. I received my BFA from California State University, Fresno. I was trained on using the Zone System, as pioneered by Ansel Adams. Along with Adams, I also consider Edward Weston as one of my primary influences.

Some of the best instruction I could hope for came from my college instructors, Ray Arth (Fresno City College) and Richard Delaney (Fresno State). From these two, I learned both the technical side of print making, and the creative side of composition.

My work is primarily based within the middle section of California. From our stunning coastline, to the snowcapped peaks of the Sierra and throughout the stark eastern deserts. I find the variety of subject matter within this zone to be unmatched. Displays of my images have primary been local. The Fresno Art Museum, Spectrum Art Gallery, and Fresno State, to name a few.

Artist’s Statement

Composition is everything to the visual arts. It can make or break an image, especially in photography. You may have of the greatest concept of all time, but if not properly composed, the viewer’s interest can easily wane. I also lean heavily on the concept of Reductionism. I like to reduce the subject down to only its bare essentials. Just enough to tell the tale. For me, mystery is part of the magic.

Personally, I don’t believe that “Art” is the object which an artist creates. Instead, I believe “Art” is what occurs when a viewer looks at the art piece. It is that unconscious, spiritual affect that takes place between you and the work. When thought of this way, you can begin to understand the magical element, which is often associated with art. That muse is a fickle friend; elusive and hard to capture.

So in my work, I allow myself to just wander about, with no preconceived notions. Just waiting for that muse to arrive. Then, CLICK!