Jacqui Turner

Jacqui Turner is a Fine Arts Photographer residing in Monterey Bay over the past 38 years. Her photography spans a diverse range of subject matter from abstracts to landscapes, portraits to photojournalism.

She is a member of The ImageMakers of Monterey, a photography and art teacher to youth, and has been a photography assistant for several local photography workshops over the years. Her work has been displayed at the Center for Photographic Art, Pacific Grove Art Center, Monterey Maritime Museum, Sunset Center, Marjorie Evans Gallery, Carmel Visual Arts, Homescapes, Monterey Convention Center, ArtVale Gallery, and other local venues.

Artist’s Statement

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time. ”

~Thomas Merton ~

The aim of my work is to help the viewer engage in a dialogue between the subject matter and themselves. It is an opportunity for the viewer to explore their own sense of interpretation.

As a dancer, moving through space to music and light, my body became one with the various elements of performance. As a photographer, my eyes and camera are the body that moves through space, becoming one with what I see. I create art because of the joy of seeing, of creating, and of expressing myself.