James Biagio Gilbreath

Artist’s Website

James has a Degree in Architecture from the University of Arizona.

He has participated in various workshops, specifically: large format black and white with King Dexter, Henry Gilpin; digital with Joel Wolfson. His work has been shown in various Galleries in Texas, Ohio, and California and a joint show with Ceramic Painter Mary Kerr in Tucson, Arizona. Works have been collected by The Dishman Gallery at La Marr University and the Bibliotheca National, Paris.

Artist’s Statement

Thoughts on Photography

Photography is a wandering through light, time, place, and emotion. Along that path moments capture your eye, and awareness. Something from within you directs your focus, “Look at this”, “Pay attention”, “See the light, texture, form and structure”. This is an instant when the infinite is open to you. Capture a poem in light.

“Estranged from Beauty – none can be – For Beauty is infinity” – Emily Dickenson