In my junior year in college my housemate handed me an old rangefinder camera loaded with a roll of tri-x.  After I filled that roll with images, he took it to the lab in Hollywood where his job was printing the work of studio photographers and he brought back three glossy black and whites. I have been shooting ever since, originally on the streets of Los Angeles. I pursued design and graphics course work and later used my photography and graphics background working in communications and public affairs in higher education. For seven years my base was a cabin in Big Sur. I spent much of my time hiking the Santa Lucia’s and traveling the coast, finding and capturing beautiful images. 

Now I seek out wild lands up and down the West Coast, across our country and around the world.

Artist’s Statement

I work in color and black and white, capturing scenes of uncommon beauty and sharing a visual record of these fleeting events. Often, the images I make that please me the most have an abstract or painterly quality that reflect the qualities of the scene itself.

Many of these images are of one, two or three predominant colors, soft-edged as if made by brushstrokes, offering a painterly appearance and tending toward the abstract. Of course, this approach would not please the f64 group who were successful in securing photography as a respected art in its own right. Because of their efforts and success, I and other photographers now have the luxury of creating photographs that are either realistic or impressionistic.