Jeanne Rousseau Marino

Artist’s Website

A native of Mt. Clemens, Michigan, I relocated to the Monterey Peninsula in 1977. I believe that I inherited my passion for image making and urge to travel from my parents. Dad was a radiologist who loved photography and Mom traveled the world extensively. I have been a long-time resident of the beautiful Monterey Peninsula and have been exploring fine art photography as a member of Image Makers Monterey photography group and member/docent/volunteer of The Center for Photographic Art, Carmel.

I came to California by myself to visit friends in the Bay Area and Pacific Grove. I realized that having grown up listening to the Beach Boys and watching TV shows such as Gidget and Beach Party with Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello, I’d dreamed of California life since I was a young teen. When I came to visit, the natural beauty of the Central Coast was too much to resist!

My photographs are largely a collection of travels to Egypt, Southeast Asia, Japan, Michigan and California. Local photographic influences include Monterey County Herald newspaper photographers and many incredible local fine art photographers. Their direct support, teachings and examples of what makes a fine art photograph, has been remarkable and an outstanding gift.

I am honored to have my art included in many private collections and shown in various exhibits in California, Michigan, North Carolina, Vermont and Washington State.

Artist’s Statement

Through the lens of my camera, I embark on captivating sights that transcends borders, cultures, and languages. I travel with insatiable curiosity whether it is in my own country or far away. My photography emerges from explorations of experiences. And as I journey through the world, my camera is more than a tool. It becomes an extension of my senses, an instrument through which I strive to honor the places I visit and the people I meet. My photographs are a tribute to the diversity that defines us and the shared experiences that bind us. It is an invitation to see the world anew, to perceive the familiar through a different lens, and to recognize that amidst the diversity, we are undeniably and beautifully one.

To see a photograph is the thing. That’s what I will continue to strive for, paying tribute to the natural world as well as man-made actions and objects. I want to continue to express the feelings of where I am and the allure of who or what is in my view. My goal is to share images that stands out, perhaps seem a bit different, yet are considered beautiful and intriguing to live with. Above all, I am grateful for travels and opportunities to photograph and make art.