John Clark, Ph.D.

John borrowed a 35mm camera in 1974 for a family trip to Washington, and immediately was hooked on photography.  Following a career in chemistry, he returned to his love of photography in 1999, this time with a view camera. The view camera allows John to create the landscape photographs that he enjoys in the highest quality possible. His photographs are made with a 4×5 or 8×10 view camera, and he hand-crafts prints on gelatin silver paper.  John has studied with a number of master printers, and enjoys working in his traditional darkroom in Oceanside, California.  He is now teaching darkroom photography at Palomar College in San Marcos, CA.

Artist’s Statement

My photography is a search for interesting scenes that are often overlooked by casual observers.  I particularly enjoy finding visual and tonal relationships that at first seem to be an abstract image.  But closer examination reveals the true nature of the subject in the image.  Playing with patterns and scale can trick or confuse the eye at first glance, which lets the observer see something common place in a new light.

I use a large format camera which provides me the precision to carefully craft an image.  Because each negative is individually made, the importance of “seeing” the image in the mind’s eye becomes paramount and intuitive. Traditional film and darkroom techniques give me the satisfaction of making handmade prints.