John Rickard

John took his first photography class in 1990, back when public high-schools still promoted the arts. The developing image left an impression on him and his hands have smelled of fixer ever since. He continued his education and received a BFA in photography from San Jose State University in 2000. John once co-owned and operated the Rostel Photography Gallery and though he still considers himself a life-long student, has taught classes and workshops in California and Mexico. His work has been exhibited proudly at coffee shops, humbly at galleries and nervously at museums. He has a deep love of art books and has been published in a few including the 3rd edition of Photographic Possibilities by Robert Hirsch 2008, and The McCloud River, published and showed at the Modernbook gallery, (49 Geary, San Francisco.) John is now a proud member photographer at the Center of Photographic Arts and continues his work documenting his life in black and white.