With bachelor’s and master’s degrees in geology, John Romie’s career was primarily in the fields environmental siting and restoration, as geologist; data management and geologic modeling specialist; construction, project and program manager; staffing manager and environmental department manager. His interest in photography began in high school, and it quickly became a passion that has grown over time. As his career was a busy one, photography during that period emphasized project documentation but, in retirement, he has concentrated more on the fine art of photography. A resident of Vacaville, California, he is an active member, docent, and workshop coordinator at the Viewpoint Photographic Art Center in Sacramento and has exhibited there several times, including his solo exhibit “A Stroll Through the Trees” in 2021. He has won awards in landscape and portrait photography as well, at the Sacramento Fine Arts Center. Most recently, his work is exhibited online in the PhotoPlace Gallery (Middlebury, Vermont) October 2023 exhibit “In Praise of Trees”.

Artist’s Statement

My Photography represents a good many of my life experiences. With very few exceptions, I can recall where I was physically and mentally; who I was with; whether I was hiking or on a road trip, or traveling on business or pleasure; and what circumstances led me to capture the image. There is always a background story to tell too – sometimes short, and sometimes not.

My photography also represents my own artistic take on the world. My favored subject matter is generally landscapes, but I also enjoy capturing people and their cultures – both here in America and abroad – often as they are walking the streets, involved in their work, or simply experiencing their day. I have my camera with me much of the time, hoping not to miss capturing an interesting object, person, or scene.

I have grown to prefer the tones and textures that black and white photography exhibits, but I’m not averse to color. While I process my captures with some artistic flair, I attempt to keep the essence of the image a realistic depiction of what I saw before me – what I experienced as I took the picture. My joy comes from capturing, processing, and printing the image to my liking; if others gain pleasure from the result, that’s even better.