Lesley MacGregor

Lesley MacGregor is Vancouver-based photographer focusing on architectural, landscape and conceptual subjects. Her work has been recognized by the Prix de la Photographie Paris – PX3, International Photography Awards (IPA), Architecture Master Prize, and the Minimalist Photography Awards. It has also been published in photography books and magazines, and exhibited in the Lower Mainland, including at the Ferry Building in West Vancouver. Her work is held in private collections in North America and Europe.

Artist’s Statement

My photographs accentuate minimalism, geometric planes, and luminance. Through these elements of photography, I explore how my perceptions and the ephemeral quality of memories shapes my view of the world. My buildings and landscapes are seen through the lens of unreliable memories, the distortions of time, and the idiosyncrasies of my mind. By distilling my subjects down to their essential nature through abstraction and the elimination of context, I shift from the actual to the emotional and the remembered, from the real world to my internal world.