Lisa Lindamood

Lisa Lindamood has worked in the darkroom for over 25 years and mostly uses plastic cameras and pinhole cameras. She exhibits in toy camera shows across the country and has won Best in Show at both the Rayko Photo Center’s Plastic Camera Show in San Francisco and SoHo Photo Gallery’s Krappy Camera Exhibition In New York City as well as honorable mentions at Holga Week, LightBox Gallery’s Plastic Fantastic Exhibition, SoHo Photo Gallery’s Krappy Camera and other exhibitions. She has been published in The Hand Magazine, Maine Media Workshops and College’s Exquisite Corpse 1 & 2, Sapling Grove Press’s Rich Community: An Anthology of Appalachian Photography, and various other publications. She is a native Tennessean with degrees in English Writing & Literature, and Art History, Theory & Criticism from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

Artist’s Statement

I have a fervor for vintage plastic cameras, pinhole cameras, hand made cameras and creating in the darkroom. The mysterious, oneiric and other worldly atmosphere these cameras can produce, transform the visual world in an interesting way. The limited controls of the cameras allow me to focus on my visceral reactions instead of concentrating on the technical details in order to construct work that is more personal in meaning. My photographs are an invented world of my imagination and they tell stories that are filtered through my subconscious. I am inspired by meditation, memories, dreams, the cosmos, and mythology. Shown photos are Selenium-toned Gelatin Silver prints.