Lynne has an M.A. in art and anthropology from the University of Pittsburgh.  She photographed and researched historic photographs for Solomon Islands National Museum and Archives, and documented traditional ways of life in Africa, Oceania, Asia, and South America.  Now retired, she is exploring more personal landscape and travel photography.  She has exhibited at various museums and galleries and had solo shows at Oasis Gallery in Seattle and The Main Gallery in Redwood City.  Her work appears in private collections in the U.S. and overseas.

Photography has been a constant throughout a life of traveling.  It has allowed me to record the people and places I’ve encountered and to find pleasure and employment along the way.  What interest me most are the quiet moments of everyday living, the beauty in the mundane.  I find inspiration in the natural world, in the feelings of mystery and connection that the play of light on a landscape can evoke: the transitory and the eternal, the particular and the universal.