Landry Major

Landry Major is a fine art photographer living in Los Angeles. She stands in awe of nature, and of the inner life of human beings. Through her lens she seeks to reveal the subtle fire, the hidden hero of her subjects. Which makes her camera a means also of self-realization and exploration, a path of reconnection to her own roots in the natural world. Her recent work has brought her to a vision of a simpler life, a culture deeply connected to the rugged terrain of the disappearing American West. In it she has found the quiet strength of its stoic people, and the majestic animals they coexist with. In her series Keepers of the West and Winter’s Horses, she provides a fleeting glimpse of a life and time – almost gone now — that can only be found under America’s wide-open western skies.

Landry’s striking silver gelatin and platinum palladium prints can be found in both public and private collections. Recent awards and honors include Critical Mass Finalist, Tokyo Foto Awards, SIPA Finalist, International Color Awards, Gala Awards, PDN Faces, Lurzer’s Archive Best Photographers Worldwide, and Communication Arts Award of Excellence.

Artist’s Statement

Keepers of the West

Visions of the American West have always been a central part of our culture, but the way of life of the cowboy and the family-run ranch is fast disappearing. In this project I hope to capture the essence of that life before it is gone. 

I strive to create images that remind us of the simpler life that formed such a deep part of our history, where hard work and stoicism defined the daily experience, yet yielded at unexpected joyful moments to the grace and beauty of living under the wide-open western skies.