Malcolm Cross ARPS

About ten years ago I embarked on an artistic adventure and during the last five years I have exhibited my work.

I pursue the creation of my art through the medium of digital photography. A creative process where image capture and processing are of equal importance to me. When making images I use conventional and creative photographic techniques such as intentional camera movement and multiple exposure.

The freedom of the digital medium enables me to express the way I see, think and feel about the world around me. Invariably, I employ digital processing that shares some of the features of serigraphy or silk screen printing that I like to describe as ‘Digi-serigraphy’

My work is colourful and abstract, inspired by urban and natural environments, abstract art movements and many past and contemporary photographers. I aim to surprise and evoke a variety of emotions and reflective experiences, encouraging the viewer to see beyond the abstract.

Artist’s Statement

My most recent project is an expression of an emotional connection with an other worldly realm that was experienced after an eight year period of visiting Shinto shrines near to where I lived in Japan. A realm that felt tantalisingly real yet separate from everyday reality and would come and go, as I journeyed  through sacred Shinto spaces, only to find myself at a different place to where I had started in the objective realm.

My main aim is to render almost numinous experiences during the last year of my stay in Japan into material and visual form. It is an attempt at seeing beyond the superficial or indeed detail of a place and evoke an experience felt within. I have used abstraction to varying degrees, a colour palette found at Shinto shrines together with repeating motifs to convey transition within and between material and non-material realms

In March 2023 I submitted this project comprised of fifteen mounted prints for consideration for a Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain distinction award. I am delighted to write that I was successful and have been awarded the Associate distinction in the Visual Arts genre.