Mark Albertin

Mark Albertin is an independent photographer, filmmaker and writer. He founded and created Albertin Film Photography in 2019 as a way to encourage others to learn the craft of fine art film photography. Teaching the entire process from light meter to print. He is currently publishing a book with his work: Along the Fall Line – A Photographic Journey Through Landscape Transition.  Albertin runs an independent black and white film studio in Augusta, Georgia where he not only creates his work, but also teaches this medium.

Artist’s Statement

As an award-winning documentary filmmaker and oral history recorder, Albertin has preserved hundreds of stories with video.

A photographer since childhood, Albertin has changed his focus from filmmaking to still photography as another way to capture time. His emphasis is on the wild areas and rural places that are often overlooked. It gives him time for pause. The process is slow and he finds great peace in not only exploring the mysteries that unfold, but the challenge of capturing it on film. With photography, with light and tones, he preserves time and place. It is a record within a world that continues to change.