I discovered photography in high school. But my passion guided me to a career helping others and I became a Pediatrician. I practiced Pediatrics for over 35 years, caring for infants and children. I maintained my interest in photography while working, but it wasn’t until after I retired from Pediatrics, that I began to devote my time to studying, practicing and experimenting with photography.

Artist’s Statement

I’m a “visual” person, very attentive to what is around me. I often find my attention being drawn in different directions. I love capturing what I see, interpreting it and sharing it with others. I started with film photography in my teens, and built my own darkroom. After retiring, returning to photography as an art form was perfect for me. With the advent of digital photography I was able to expand my creativity and explore new areas of expressing my vision. I believe that defining a photograph as “fine art” is mostly subjective and it may be different for all of us. To that end, the question I always ask myself while working with an image is “Do I love the image I’ve created?” Do I say, “Yes, that’s it!?” If I love it, it becomes part of my fine art, part of my portfolio. And, I love sharing my art with others.