Mary Aiu is a fine art photographer who spends her time pursuing beautiful horses from around the world. Her work is noted for its ethereal feel, blending photographic components that often result in a painterly quality of the horse in motion.

Mary resides in Suisun Valley, CA and the Monterey Peninsula. She holds a BFA from the California College of the Arts, is a member of the Image Makers of Monterey, and is affiliated with the Alexander Gallery in Nevada City, CA. Her work has been featured in Lenswork publications, Black & White magazine, and numerous exhibits within the US.

Artist’s Statement

With each persons view of the world being uniquely their own, my imagery is reflective upon my ideals about beauty, and emotional connections. While most of my subject matter comes from the natural world, horses are my favorite source for inspiration. Whether running freely or under-saddle, through my lens I witness the equine spirit: powerful, noble, yet willing to please. Sometimes that capture is enough, though other times I create a Photomontage that sets the stage to a world with no boundaries.

My imagery begins behind the lens to capture the exuberance of the horse in motion, a dance to be viewed, with each horse having its own unique flair. I am  also fascinated by trees, and the wondrous spaces defined by them, and through my mind’s eye I can share these places with the breath of the horse and its hoofs on the run. With the aid of the computer, I am able to work beyond the camera capture to reshape my work on a more personal level, to blend my fascination with these woodland areas, and release the free spirit of the running horse. My artistic intent is to evoke a feeling, that takes you along for the ride with this magnificent animal to combine a moment born in my imagination that is inspired by their being.