Matthew Gammon

Matthew Gammon is a self-taught artist living and working in the historic town of Boyle in the West of Ireland. Last year, he became a full-time professional visual artist, after nearly thirty years of working in libraries. His journey in photography commenced only nine years ago in March 2012, after having been lent a camera to take on holiday. He now works in both film and digital photography and enjoys trying out different types of photographic technique. He has a number of academic qualifications including a BA in Politics and Scholastic Philosophy, an MA in Psychoanalytic Studies, a University Certificate in Art History, and a Masters in Library and Information Studies.

Artist’s Statement

Through my own unique interpretation of structure, line and form in what I see, I love to capture and interpret the innate beauty to be found in both the natural and man-made worlds. I am very interested in looking at how we interpret architectural structure in both the natural and man-made landscapes. Through the abstraction of what I believe to be the essential elements in what I see around me, I produce works that provide a different perspective on how we witness our surroundings. I provide a fresh insight into the aesthetic value of what can become, through habit, the commonplace and everyday.

Having trained in a wide variety of photographic techniques, I feel that the photo intaglio process, allows me to create works of art that best express this vision. Through the use of modern technology in the form of both digital photography (hardware and software), and photopolymer plates, I am able to retain the intimate links between photography and printmaking, whilst pushing the boundaries of what can be created in this modern reincarnation of the photogravure process.