Megan Mickael

“I have been creating art for as long as I can remember!”Growing up my family moved constantly. The only space that never changed was my mother’s art studio. This became my safe space and undoubtedly shaped me as the artist I am today.”

I photograph the world around me with reverence to what I am experiencing visual in that moment as it will not likely ever be the same. I love to explore places and spaces that are not familiar or ordinarily looked at as photographically picturesque. Most recently, I have been creating photographs with painting as my inspiration. My images are becoming less precise in line and light, and more of an exploration of composition, color, texture, and manipulation. A true journey and exploration of how life communicates with me. As an artist I strive to create imagery that provokes curiosities and passion.

My photography career began around 2000 just after I graduated from Southern Methodist University with a BFA in Painting and Photography. I have been working as a Professional Photographer ever since. I have worked professionally shooting a wide range of commercial content. Most recently I have been shooting BTS for Motor Trend, and I am “loving” it. I have exhibited nationally coast to coast. Colorado, Rhode Island, Missouri, California, Indiana, Cape Cod and Vermont. I am a mother of two boys whose sarcasm and wit rival my own! As they have become more independent, I have re-centered my photographic focus back to my fine art career. My art is diverse, but my vision is rooted. What presents itself through my lens is how life communicates with me.

Artist’s Statement

Inspiration finds us as we (my camera and I) find it; we are a magnetic attraction.

Mood, emotion, anger, spirituality, peace, and processing are part of the landscape of life beckoning to me. Unexpected vulnerability and neglected beauty are what I see through my lens and in my mind’s eye. They each whisper to me to document and create something distinctly different.

My work is created from openness and rawness and carries with it a voice that cannot only be seen and heard but felt.