Michael Weitzman

After retiring from a lengthy technical career, Michael turned his full attention to his passion of photography and the handmade print. A native Californian, he is mostly self taught in traditional as well as alternative process photography. Working primarily with simple plastic and pinhole cameras, he values the simplicity, imperfections and ability to create fictitious and surreal narratives. Earning many accolades, Michael’s work is collected and exhibited domestically and internationally. 

For over six years, Michael has worked as a photo darkroom lab technician and instructor at Irvine Fine Arts Center in Irvine CA. He divides his time in both Orange County California and Bozeman Montana.

Artist’s Statement

A source for inspiration comes from the challenge to transform the unnoticed, the forgotten, and the mundane.

I am in love with the idea of resisting documentation of an object or being for what it is , but rather to seek hidden meanings, metaphors, and poetic references. 

Working with simple cameras, alchemy, hand, and heart quiets and tempers my soul. Reconnecting and reconciling with lost moments and past itineraries from youth aids in cultivating self expression and identity.