With a career in commercial photography that spans two decades, Mike Basher’s intimate, fine art work breathes a powerful sense of peace and tranquility through spatial relationships. His work–captured entirely on large format film–has an incisive clarity and quiet meditative mood. Many photographs tell the tale of a grander space, whilst showing only the limited elements he has chosen to unveil.

The simplicity of his work is more of an allusion to, not a direct depiction of his subject matter, where he challenges the viewer to derive their own interpretation as to its whereabouts. Directly, his photographs deliver a sublime experience, found in ordinary space.

His background with fast-paced, high stress commercial campaigns has taken him all over the globe, creating assets for brands like Under Armour, The North Face and Reebok. This expertise has culminated in his captivating personal fine art work.

Artist’s Statement

A fascination with the outdoors has inspired Mike to devote much of his time behind the camera to creating photographs of coastal areas which are being altered by erosion and salt water intrusion. These photographs illustrate the grim future of maritime forests around the globe with the onset of sea level rise.

With the recent strengthening and frequency of storms, these delicate buffer zones are disappearing more quickly than they can regenerate, resulting in habitat loss, and presenting a threat to human infrastructure.