Monte Borders

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Upon an almost retirement as a professional photographer of 42 years, I linked back up to my early studies of my photographic heroes and I bought a 4×5 and 8×10 camera about a year ago. I remember learning the zone system, but had not used it much once I went into the portrait, wedding, and commercial business.

I spent the last year photographing vegetables and fruit (Weston), landscapes (Adams), and portraits (Karsh). It was when I revisited Jerry Uelsmann’s work, that I started the process of putting the imagery together. I bought a contact printing frame and started cutting out templates. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get it to work, so went back to my 20 years of Photoshop and things started happening. The images were made mostly with an 8×10 camera and some with a 4×5. I develop the black and white film, scan the images, and put them into photoshop. The joy of assembly and creating a narrative has been wonderful.

Artist’s Statement

We are here to learn, create, and help others.