Peter R. Paluzzi

Artist’s Website

Peter’s interest with photographs grew from the images he saw on the pages of great 20th century picture magazines such as Life and Look. He grew up in a small, rural village in the northeast and each magazine issue brought glimpses of life, settings, and events found in faraway places. His later studies in the earth sciences gave him a keen appreciation of the forces that give rise to the beauty seen in landscapes. Peter’s early professional work with satellite images of the Earth introduced him to the processing tools needed to highlight underlying meaning.  More recently, he refined his craft through the Photography as Art coursework in the Stanford Continuing Studies Program. His photographs have appeared in publications and exhibitions in museums and galleries. His prints have also received awards in juried competitions. He lives in northern California where he continues to discover stories told in photographs.

Artist’s Statement

Poets use words; I use photographs to express the moods and emotions I experience as I observe the world. Abstract patterns, paths, landscapes, seascapes, and environmental portraiture are among my current subjects. Photographs also give me a visual vocabulary to describe the impacts from loss, transitions, and isolation—particularly as presented by recent events.