Richard F. Gaston

After a career in medicine + family joys and responsibilities, I renewed a long-standing interest in photography, first nurtured in my teens by my father. Because the digital age had arrived, I took photoshop courses at the local JC before even buying a camera.  Then came travel, seeing, moving beyond the technical, evolving, changing courses, moving back and forth and realizing art hits from all directions.  I have fun, grow stale and start over.  That will continue.

Artist’s Statement

I wrote on my website: “I wish I could go back and stand on the exact spot where I took each picture on this website – not to “take” a better picture, but to
re-experience the thrill and joy I felt at the time.  The world is beautiful.”

All true.

But Photography to me is more than just “taking.”  It includes constructing, adding, subtracting, combining and more, all to create that mood that I described
in the above quote.