Richard F. Gaston

My father had a full-time job, but was very talented outside his work arena. One such talent was photography – large format, black and white. He set up posed family and individual child shots about every six months. But he also composed fine art prints and was a stickler for showing perspective using near-far techniques, often placing a person somewhere in the foreground.  I learned from him. But my working life (physician) kept me away from trying to create art, though I continued to have a keen interest in its many aspects, especially photography.    At any rate, as my medical career wound down, my time with photos and Photoshop had a correspondingly jump up. The Photoshop part was easy – technical and scientific, and four full semester courses at the local JC gave me a great base. Like in medicine, the art part is harder, takes longer to master and can only be done in the field. In that regard I have traveled to some incredibly beautiful and historic places, while at the same time developing a more environmental conscience. My pictures have been chosen in a couple of juried exhibitions. I continue to work hard to improve.

Artist’s Statement

I believe in constructing pictures, following my attitudes and feelings in the field. My best pictures are not the ones that happen suddenly when the light and weather combine to open up a beautiful composition – often luck involved – (I do love some of those shots, however), but rather the ones that I have pre-visualized and created according to my mood or attitude or research done beforehand. We don’t just record – we interpret.  Photography is about us.