Scott Davis is a wildlife researcher, international photography expedition leader, and professional assignment photographer specializing in wildlife, travel, documentary and editorial imagery. Originally trained as a wildlife and marine biologist, Scott’s research, photo assignments and expeditions have repeatedly taken him to the far remote corners of the globe and all seven continents.

Scott is a National Geographic Society Grant recipient and has co-authored and published several peer reviewed scientific articles and a Photo book “The Science of Hope” investigating aspects of animal behavior. He has been invited as a guest photographer of honor for the prestigious Montier Photo Festival in France and has worked with and consulted for National Geographic, BBC, and Animal Planet Series. He has stringed for Reuters News Service in Africa. His photographic work has appeared in ad campaigns for Fortune 500 companies as well as commercial websites, prestigious stock agencies, Federal reports, national and international magazines and newspapers including the San Francisco Chronicle, The New York Times, Microsoft, Sport Diver, Conde Nast, AFAR, Focus, and Men’s Journal. He has also worked as a commercial photographer for several national and international ad and info campaigns including Barclays Global Investments, The Cayman Islands Bureau of Tourism, Atlantis Resorts, The Nature Conservancy, One People One Reef, USA Aid, Rainforest Connection, California Bureau of Tourism and the World Wildlife Fund to name a few.

As an assignment photographer, his desire and goal is the creation of powerful, moving, and often thought provoking images that have the ability to relay a story to a wide range of viewers, no matter what part of the world they may come from or what language they may speak.

When not hopping a plane, train or automobile in search of his next subject, Scott currently makes his residence in Moss Landing, California.

Artist’s Statement

As a young boy, I was always mesmerized by the images that I discovered while paging through magazines like National Geographic, TIME and LIFE magazine. These images and the people that took them had the power to visually transport me to different parts of the world, to see animals, places and cultures that I could only imagine at that stage in my life. These photographs fueled my intense curiosity to see the world, to experience it first-hand. It wasn’t long after finding inspiration within the pages of those magazines that I acquired my own camera, an old 70’s era Minolta SLR and set out to document my relatively small world wherever it took me. Ever since those early days of my youth, I’ve had a camera in my hand, even as my initial career path led me to become a wildlife biologist. Now as a full time photographer and expedition leader, it’s my goal to create and share images that have the same power as those early images that inspired me as a young boy; images that tell a story, images that capture the essence of my subjects, images that can make us aware and care about the world beyond our immediate sightline.