Stephen Cook

Raised in San Diego, Stephen takes advantage of everything the region has to offer… from the beach to the mountains and desert. Stephen Cook started his photography career as a commercial photographer in 1977 after studying photography and art at San Diego City college then Film & Radio at San Diego State. Creating studio and location images for Harcourt Brace Jovanovich (HBJ), Comfort Hotels, Hilton Hotels, Mesa Vista Medical Center and other local and regional clients.

After sixteen years concentrating on a career in computers and system design, Stephen retired and returned to his first love, photography. He has traveled extensively teaching and creating images.

A life long learner and perfecter of his craft, Stephen continues his education and experience creating photographs coaxing his vision and passion into the images. Stephen seeks to show the wonders of the physical and spiritual world in his images.

Artist’s Statement

I am often concerned that my photography is doubled minded because I produce in many genres of the photographic art form. Much of my current work is meticulously designed. Our executive director, Brian Taylor, calls it “Created Images”. Every element is planned, staged, and executed to illustrate a concept and evoke an emotion. The other extreme, to me, is landscape where the majority of elements are out of my control. Landscapes present a different challenge in finding the angle, light, and focus that express the view before me as I see, and feel, it. Underlying all my work is a reverence for the majesty of life and the wonders of God’s creation.