Steve Soult

Steve Soult began his work in serious photography in 1967.  Since that time he has traveled extensively, creating photographs of subjects located both domestically and abroad.  His photographs adhere to the West Coast tradition in fine art photography.

Two important goals of photography, as an artistic medium, are mastery of photographic composition and mastery of photographic technique.  In order to achieve these goals, he has studied with some of the prominent individuals in art and photography including:

  • Ansel Adams
  • Morley Baer
  • Dorr Bothwell
  • Wynn Bullock
  • Henry Gilpin
  • Clarence John Laughlin
  • Jerry Uelsmann
  • Al Weber

In 2015 he went on photography trips to the Galapagos Islands, Florida, Hawaii, and Yosemite.  These trips resulted in many fine photographs in both the digital format and on B&W film.  One of his goals is to print several of these photographs.

He prefers to produce B&W silver gelatin prints using traditional darkroom equipment.  These prints are processed to archival standards and selenium toned using the most modern archival processing techniques.