Steven Castro

Steven Castro

Steven Castro is a fine art landscape photographer based on the Central California Coast whose work has earned numerous awards in photographic competitions.

His start in photography began 30 years ago capturing surf action in Santa Cruz, with many of his photographs appearing in national and regional publications. Today Steven’s photography focuses on the natural world, with a particular emphasis on California landscapes.

“While many think of photographs as an image ‘of ‘ an object or scene, I feel I have a responsibility to make expressive print ‘about’ what has been presented to me.” says Steven, “I also tend to find myself returning to my favorite spots many times, and each time nature reveals some new intimate detail.”

Artist’s Statement

Photography for me is a welcome and addictive diversion from an extremely fulfilling, but otherwise hectic life. While exploring nature, I tend to find myself becoming fully immersed with my surroundings taking in as much as my senses allow. Photography allows me to share the essence of what I have experienced through these peaceful and tranquil moments that can often only be found through mindful solitude.

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