Susan Hillyard

Susan HIllyard grew up on the East Coast where she first developed her love of photography. She has been creating photographs for too many years to count beginning in a darkroom that belonged to the mother of a high-school friend. Her passion has never wavered and has only gotten stronger. She moved to California in the sixties to do graduate work in photography. However, she soon became less focused on school and more on life in the Haight Ashbury. When she retired several years ago, her photograph took a leap forward as she was finally able to devote herself fully to her art. She took classes at the local community colleges and workshops around the country. In 2011, she began doing artist residencies which have made a significant difference in her art. Having the time and space to focus on one’s work is truly a gift. She has continued to do residencies in the US at Ragdale, VCCA, Hambidge, Jentel, and at Le Moulin a Nef in France. She intends to continue pursuing her passion as long as she can hold a camera.

Artist’s Statement

My work addresses the transitory nature of life and reflects how I use light as a vehicle of expression. I am drawn to black and white photography because it enables me to focus on the interplay between light and dark and to develop a sense of the mysterious without the distraction of color. Using digital photographs manipulated in Photoshop, I am able to manipulate the light giving a spiritual quality to the images