Terése Conway

At a very young age, Terése Conway developed a deep interest and love for art and design. She studied drawing, textile, and ceramics and took her first darkroom and photography class in Sweden under Örjan Henriksson. She later earned an art scholarship to MSSU in Joplin, Missouri, where she studied graphic design.
Terése spent over two decades living in Northwest Arkansas, working in product design and trend. A background which carries over into her artwork with a continued focus on texture, shape, and composition.

A move to Carmel-by-the-Sea, California in 2020, motivated a renewed attention on her art and desire to become a full-time artist. The central coast with its dramatic views, thriving art scene, and rich history of photographers such as Edward Weston and Imogen Cunningham, inspired work exploring the characteristics of the local landscape and flora.

Recently, returning to Rogers, Arkansas, Terése is continuing her artistic journey and exploration of different styles and processes of photography.

Her work was exhibited in the ’21 Member’s Juried Exhibition at the Center for Photographic Art, has been featured in several publications and can be viewed on her website.

Artist’s Statement

Growing up in Sweden, the connection to nature is an integral part of daily life. The light, texture, and shapes of my surroundings has always been my greatest source of inspiration. While I am inspired by what I see, my focus is more on how a place or moment makes me feel. My driving force is to create images which speak to that mood and to create a personal connection and experience. I appreciate analog photography and alternative processes for their gritty atmospheric feeling and enjoy incorporating similar esthetic qualities for an added dimension and sense of timelessness.