Tom Schleich

Tom Schleich, together with his wife, Annelies de Kater, share a passion for exploring and photographing untrammeled back country areas. In recent years Tom and Annelies have focused on the pristine wilderness areas of Arctic Alaska, the high Canadian Arctic, Antarctica, Arctic Norway, and Iceland. Tom’s other favorite venues include: · abstract detail of bark, rock, corroded and weathered metallic surfaces · the near landscape of trees and water · doorways, windows, and walls of old and weathered villages and towns. He works in both monochrome and color. For many of his photographic images Tom moves in close to the landscape, isolating an object or cluster of objects from its surroundings, and attempts to communicate his enthusiastic response to a particular scene encountered on many jaunts to places often and seldom traveled.

Tom’s current project is directed to finding beauty and creating images amid the chaos of deterioration in ordinary places resulting from weathering, corrosion, and rust. He seeks compositions utilizing line, shape, texture, and color to result in a structured image rife with adumbration and metaphor.

Tom has had a long association with Monterey Bay photography starting decades ago with the Friends of Photography and workshops with Steve Crouch, Al Weber, and Morley Baer. Other notable workshops include photographers Dave Bohn, Philip Hyde, Oliver Gagliani, and Christopher Burkett.

Tom has exhibited throughout California and has taught photography at Crown College, UC Santa Cruz.   He is also a member of the ImageMakers of Monterey and the Community of Digital Artists (CODA) in Scotts Valley.  Tom and his wife Annelies live in the Santa Cruz Mountains above Scotts Valley together with their two cats.

Artist’s Statement

I stand in awe of the wondrous vast world and imagine ………