Eduardo Fujii

F i n e   A r t   P r i n t   P r o g r a m

Eduardo Fujii, Still Life with Aloe Vera, No. 1., 2013, digital inkjet print on watercolor paper

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Still Life with Aloe Vera, No. 1

Because of my painting background, I always try to achieve a painterly look in my photographs. I may use in-camera techniques such as panning, long exposures, and photographing through fog and smoke, or post-production manipulation, using textures or other effects in Photoshop. I am not interested in straight photography, but need to express something of myself in each image.

I first discovered and photographed aloe vera plants growing along the coast, and have continued to photograph them throughout the Monterey Peninsula. The shape of the thorn-lined leaves fascinates me, and reminds me of jeweled crowns. Their forms inspired me to give them an aristocratic treatment, and I use a gold tone and highlight some of the red blossoms to complete the royal look. To me these are majestic plants, and I hope my photograph will remind viewers of the beauty and generosity of nature.

Artist Bio

Eduardo Fujii studied music and painting as a child in his native Brazil, and continues to paint and play music. He took up photography about a decade ago, and draws inspiration from both painters and photographers. This artistic background has contributed immensely to the lyrical sensibility that underlies his photography today.

Eduardo’s work has been exhibited at the Center for Fine Art Photography in Fort Collins, Colorado, the Center for Photographic Art, and the Carl Cherry Center for the Arts, both in Carmel. He has received Spotlight Awards from Black & White Magazine and Color Magazine, the Px3 Award, Prix de la Photographie Paris, Monochrome Awards and the International Color Awards. One of his images was selected for the cover of Shadow & Light Magazine, and in 2017 he was awarded Photographer of the Year at the 12th Annual Black and White Spider Awards.