Jacque Rupp

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Jacque Rupp

Stilt Fishermen, Sri Lanka
13×19 inches (paper size)
Archival Digital Pigment Print
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Artist statement

It’s always about the people. Curiosity and connection. It’s very personal for me. I’m drawn by intensity, intimacy, and authenticity in my subjects.

I am curious about different cultures, here and abroad, and search for interesting visual stories that tell us something about everyday people in everyday life. I engage with my subjects, and for a moment have a shared experience, and in a sense become a part of their world. I want you, the viewer, to experience this as well. I consider this “moment” to be an honor, and accordingly treat my subjects with the utmost dignity and respect. I strive to show common humanity and the universal spirit that binds us.

I look for a face that is lived in, a spirit I can connect with, a truth that is shared and a story to tell. Location does not matter. I am seeking a sense of identity and place, and I push hard to instill emotion into my storytelling.

I want my viewer to follow my path, share this curiosity and hopefully create a sense of truth and wonder. When this happens, a simple connection is born, and that provides me with a sense of fulfillment in my art.


Jacque Rupp is a humanist photographer residing in Silicon Valley. She moved extensively as a child, and so was constantly finding herself in a new community searching for connection and a sense of belonging. As a result, she learned quickly how to walk into a new situation and build trust with people. She has leveraged this in the rapport that she builds with her subjects. Jacque picked up her first camera, a Rollei, in her teens, and immediately fell in love with the entire process. She learned early that the camera provided a creative tool for connecting with people, and her photographs allow her to share that experience with her viewers.

Jacque was an executive in the technology industry, responsible for recruiting top talent for many years. Interviewing and learning about people’s stories fits directly into her style of photography. Jacque goes deep, looking to capture the human spirit by using layers, complexity, and emotion in her work.

She received her MBA from Santa Clara University. She is on the Advisory Board for the United Nations Affiliated Film Festival at Stanford University and for the Weston Collective in Carmel. She has exhibited at the Center for Photographic Arts in Carmel, Foothill College in Los Altos Hills, The Daily Photograph and numerous on-line venues.