Meg Griffiths

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Meg Griffiths
All that was possible, 2022
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Artist statement

Somewhere within and without is a culmination of two curiosities, the subjective expression of my interiority and the objective stance that the world is mysterious and simply happening. I am an event on the planet, in a sea of other events. This is a humbling and beautiful fact. And with this, a small space is created for my unique viewpoint. Yet the world will inevitably keep turning, becoming. In the collision of this awareness, I arrive in these images and continue to feel a boundless sense of wonder about what is known and unknown.

I make photographs to deconstruct the ways I engage with memory, perception and time. Harnessing light and matter to process the intimacy of personal lived experience, I carefully construct quiet still lives to subtly direct the gaze both inward and then out again.

This image, like others in the series, is a synthesis of internal and external encounters. Everyday household objects are gathered and arranged, briefly grounding the self in the familiar and the domestic. In tandem, an alchemy occurs and materials become untethered from convention and association, creating space for new meanings within meanings. The remnants reveal the delicacy and uncertainty of events that make up my one precious life. I love this image because it makes me think of all that was possible and all that still remains as a possibility.


Meg Griffiths is an artist, professor, independent curator, and Co-Founder of A Yellow Rose Project.

The wide arc of her work grapples with the various modes of domestic, cultural, and political engagement that structure female experience in the United States. My inquiries are driven by a desire to capture, develop, and share a closer understanding of female subjects. Each project I create, whether individual or collaborative, focused on the personal or the collective, are at heart about the intrinsic connection between self and other, between interiority and positionality as much as kinship and community.

Her work has travelled nationally as well as internationally, and is placed in collections such as Center for Creative Photography, Capitol One Collection, and the Museum of Fine Arts Houston, and Center for Fine Art Photography. Her book projects, both monographs as well as collaborative projects have been acquired by various institutions around the country such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Yale University Library, Duke University Libraries, Museum of Modern Art, The Getty Research Institute to name a few.