Robin V. Robinson

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Robin V. Robinson
Toned Gelatin Silver Print
on 8×10” paper

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Artist statement

Since 2017, I’ve felt a profound sense of liminality: the overwhelming feeling of our precarious and brief time on the Earth as the human species. I find relief in the idea of Deep Time, in the knowledge that nature has always created and supported life, for over 4.6 billion years. I feel compelled to express this perspective, following the oceanic beginnings of our ancestors and the primordial sense of nature, to the feeling of being human on Earth. There is hope in the realization that behind destruction is creation, that we are constantly evolving our consciousness, and that all life is interrelated. I create images to share the Earth’s unseen forms and moods in hope that our dangerous separation from it will heal into a heartfelt familiarity and caring embrace of our original home.

My work is created using an analog process which brings an alchemical spirit to the prints, expressing the elements of the planet in transformed yet raw form.


Robin V. Robinson is a Carmel, California, artist who is curious about the way we see and experience the planet and ourselves. Photographing in and on the water for over 35 years, she explores the Earth’s origins, our connection to the ocean, and our physical and spiritual presence. She is driven by her experiences of the transformative power of nature and the interconnectedness of all that is.

Robinson studied and worked with generous West Coast photography mentors for over 25 years. Her degrees in engineering and music from Cal Poly and Stanford Universities, and her personal studies of depth psychology contribute to her distinctive style of seeing and creating art. A strong belief in co-creating leads her into surreal and energetic territory using experimental darkroom processes while honoring the local f64 spirit:

“I believe in the alchemy and thus the transformation that happens in the darkroom process, of both the material and the artist. This is why I remain an analog photographer.”

Robinson shows her work in community venues and art galleries internationally, in corporate spaces, private collections and museums. She has received top awards in photographic competitions, and her work is in the permanent collection of the Monterey Museum of Art, the Bibliotheque Nationale de France, and The Mariners’ Museum in Virginia, among others.

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