Photography + Ideas + Experience

2017 PIE Labs 

Igniting Creative Sparks into Flames

September 22, 23, 24
An artistic development retreat for all media
Sunset Center, Carmel CA

“The Artist is no other than he who unlearns what he has learned, in order to know himself”
—E.E. Cummings

Evolving as Artists

We live in an era when the future of fine art photography is wide open. We believe that as artists, what we learn travels from our heads to our hearts through our hands and is revealed in our art. Are you ready to explore new concepts that could lead to new insights that transform your art? The path to innovation does not follow a straight line. Creative breakthroughs happen when we allow space to look at ourselves and become immersed in diverse ideas. PIE Labs provides the time and space to engage with compelling mentors and their inspiring ideas. At the PIE Labs we don’t want to give you new crayons with which to color. We want to give you new motivation to color!

Why PIE?

1. Engage in the freedom of taking creative risks.
2. Explore your artistic purpose.
3. Consider your personal story and how best to express it.
4. Combine photography with different media in pursuit of new meaning.
5. Think differently about how you see.
6. Join a creative family and enjoy exceptional pie!

“I came away with enough ideas to last multiple lifetimes.” —2016 PIE Tech! Participant