Renewing members

 NOTE:  Sustaining members do NOT need to renew manually, and can ignore this page.

We send two kinds of emails: one is just a reminder  for sustaining members, that in 7 days your annual membership will be automatically collected. If you got this reminder message, you do not need to do anything else, and can ignore the rest of this page.

If you are on a year-to-year annual membership and received an email about your membership expiring, this page is for you. Please click the large blue button, below.

To renew manually, click this button

Thank you again for your support of photography and the Center for Photographic Art.

Our New Membership  Features !

Memberships: Annual and Sustaining

New memberships are “sustaining” – which simply means they automatically renew each year, without you needing to do anything, just like PBS or your magazine subscriptions. If you got to this page, by way of a link in an email you received, that means your membership is NOT sustaining, and must be renewed manually each year.

The CPA has at long-last implemented a new and modern membership format, and will be continually adding new features exclusively for members only.

Like all the other sites you’re already familiar with, you’ll have your own account with a user name and password. Your sustaining membership is just like PBS, and will automatically renew, so you are now free from endless reminders. You have full control of your account and billing. You can even (horrors!) cancel it without having to call the office.

Whether you renew annually by check, or have a sustaining automatic renewal, all members have exclusive discounts on CPA products and workshops. Now members can now purchase images from our limited special-edition Fine Print Program… and at a discount! There is nothing special you need to do to get your discount, other than log in.

These new, exciting and convenient features have been a long time coming, and we are delighted to have you along on our new website!

About your sustaining membership:

Just like PBS, our new sustaining memberships will automatically renew each year. You will receive an email  before that happens,   just as a friendly reminder. These are just courtesy notifications, and do not require you to do anything. On the other hand, if you disagree with the sustaining arrangement, then simply wait for the reminder email, and log in to your account and cancel it at that time. Otherwise, simply ignore the reminder email, and your renewal will be processed automatically.