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The Center for Photographic Art traces its historic gallery back to the Friends of Photography.

The Center for Photographic Art is actively involved in our mission to “inspire the artist and the audience by nurturing the personal growth inherent in creating and appreciating art.”  Thanks to our sustaining members and donors, the CPA continues to grow and serve the photographic community here and beyond with important and innovative programs.


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Membership is our way of saying “thank you” for your annual donation to our non-profit organization. Members get a range of benefits, including discounts on events and courses. Our online courses, lectures and workshops are offered to members, often for free! The discount on the entry fee for our famous annual International Juried Exhibition alone will more than pay for an individual membership! Members have access to a special member’s show; lower prices on images purchased directly off the gallery walls; online videos and interviews and much more. As a member, you are invited to member’s nights; lectures; print reviews and gallery openings. And even if you don’t live nearby, you’ll find many of these on our website.

We rely on members and generous donors who see our value and want to be a part of an exciting organization. We welcome your involvement at any level, so please help keep the tradition alive by joining or donating to The Center for Photographic Art.

Just like public television we offer Sustaining Memberships which renew automatically each year. You are in complete control of your account, and can change, upgrade, or even discontinue your own membership. And like PBS, joining at a higher level comes with more benefits. We invite you to consider Circle Membership levels as they help build your collection of original fine art photographs, and honor our contributing artists. Member photographers have their own webpage right on this site, including images and a link to their own site.

The IRS recognizes membership fees and donations to the Center for Photographic Art as tax deductible, in part. Please consult your tax advisor.

We think you’ll get a lot from your membership, and we thank you for supporting the Center For Photographic Art.

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