Our Incredible Volunteers

CPA depends on our devoted volunteers and without their support, we would not be able to offer our world class exhibitions, innovative programming and our many events. They come from from diverse backgrounds and photographic interests and serve as gallery docents, assist at receptions, and help with gallery installations. And, you don’t need to be a photographer yourself to join in the fun. We always welcome new volunteers so come and join the CPA family!

Thank you to our current incredible volunteers:

Debra Achen
Mary Aiu
Olivia Alison
James Atherton
Janet Beaty
Kathy Briggs
Ron Brown
Ginger Chih
David Clarkson
Ginny Clarkson
Marty Cohen
Matt Connors
Jacqueline Deely
James Frazier
Eduardo Fujii
Anna Mae Gazo
Sylvia Gardner
Ruth Grimes
Tom Hierl
Jacki Horton
Tom Jacobs
Susan Kingsley
Maria Isabel LeBlanc
Douglas MacDonald
Jeanne Marino
Ruben Martin
Cile Messer
Jim Messer
Phillip Miller
Rick Murai
Maria Prince
Michelle Robertson
Jacque Rupp
Phyllis Sambar
Marty Springer
Jacqui Turner
Kelden West